3 Tips for Effectively Getting Shipments Delivered on Time

Created by r007_4cc7_ on Mon, 12/09/2019 - 17:38

3 Tips for Effectively Getting Shipments Delivered on Time    We are about to break down our top 3 tips for proper expectation setting for the perfect delivery.   Communication is 100% the key to success in the transportation field.  What does that mean?  Well..  How many times have you missed your SLA (Service Level Agreement) by minutes or even hours?  Arrived at the location only to find out your actual drop is on the other side of town?  This is frustrating for all parties involved.  So what measures can we take to minimize the errors?   

  1. Verify! - Not sure about the drop time or location? Or maybe there was a typo in the confirmation/paper work.  Just call, text or email to verify!  A quick 30 second call can you save you time and money. 
  2. Set Proper Expectations!- Be open, honest and realistic about your expectations for the run.  Be ready to go on time and eliminate time wasting tasks before accepting the run. (I.E. fueling, pre-trip inspection and etc) 
  3. Follow the Plan!- Make a plan, communicate it to the teams and follow the plan.  Know the limits of your business and make the right decisions to follow through.  In case of any delays longer than 15 minutes, please call the Bottom Line Dispatch team.