How do I know if a carrier has the appropriate licensing and insurance?

Created by Anonymous on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 16:30

Users can view a carrier's or broker's licensing and insurance information in the licensing and insurance table on the new Safety Measurement System (SMS) display. This table lists the types of interstate operating authority a company has, such as property, passengers, household goods (moving companies), or broker.

A carrier or broker must provide the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) with proof of insurance to have “Active For-Hire Authority.” Private carriers (i.e., carriers that only carry their own items and are not for hire) do not need to provide FMCSA a copy of their insurance.

Users can see if the carrier or broker has provided evidence of insurance for “Active For-Hire Authority” by checking the “Minimum Insurance on File” column. When SMS displays the following message: “U.S. DOT# (XX) has no current for-hire operating authority with FMCSA,” the carrier is not eligible for For-Hire operations.

Below is a sample licensing and insurance table from the new SMS display. More detailed licensing and insurance information can be obtained from FMCSA's Licensing and Insurance system (

Licensing and Insurance as of 4/15/2013
Active For-Hire Authority Minimum Insurance On File?
Type Y/N MC#
Property Yes 12345 Yes
Passenger No    
Household Goods No 12358 No
Broker Yes 12589 Yes